GP and nurse appointments can be made by phoning (03) 525 0060 between 8.30 am  and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

If you would like to book your own appointment online, sign up for Manage My Health.



ANYTIME IN AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 111 (Life threatening only)

If urgent care is needed, please call us on 525 0060 at any time and listen to the recorded instructions.

You will be advised to hang up and Dial 111 if it is an emergency and a PRIME response will be issued via St John to our Triage Doctor and local Ambulance Crew.

If you need to be seen urgently during opening hours– but are not in need of an ambulance- please present to the Medical Centre at GBCH for initial assessment by a triage nurse and then the triage GP rostered on that day.