UPDATEd 14 March 2018

Advice for GBCH staff and community during current measles outbreak

·         There have been no cases in GB during this outbreak, thus far.

·         Measles is a highly contagious viral disease causing cold like symptoms, high fever and generally a very miserable patient. 

·         Rash usually starts after a couple of days, usually from the head down. 

·         Some patients will become extremely unwell and need hospitalisation.

·         You can catch measles from 5 days BEFORE the rash to five days AFTER.


·         Any child aged over 1 yr can have their first MMR, with the second given 4 weeks after that.

·         Children under 1yr can be vaccinated but will still need a further 2 vaccines after aged 1yr.

·         These infants can be protected by their contacts being immunised – ie family , especially those with pre-school and school contacts.

·         Any child between the age of 15months to 4yrs can be brought in for their second MMR – you do not need to wait until 4 yrs old.

·         We have vaccines available for these situations.

·         We are keen to talk to any families of un-vaccinated child and discuss their options again.


·         It is assumed that anyone born BEFORE 1969 will have immunity to measles as they were probably exposed to it in childhood

·         Anyone born between 1969 and 1992 will most likely have had 1 vaccine and can have another – currently our stock may not allow for this and 1 vacc will give pretty good cover anyway

·         Anyone after 1992 should have had 2 vaccines as per the national schedule

·         If you are not sure if you had a second vaccine and/or we do not have a record of it you can have a further single vaccine (in the form of the MMR)

MMR is the ONLY vaccine preparation for measles in NZ

ANYONE  - child or adult - who does not have confirmed immunity and who is exposed to a confirmed case of measles should remain at home for 2 weeks

ANYONE ringing or attending GBCH who is unwell with cold and fever should be isolated on arrival.  Cases of suspected measles MUST NOT sit in the waiting room.