GBCH urgent care and after hours care

urgent care

ANYTIME IN AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 111 (Life threatening only)

If urgent care is needed, please call us on (03) 525 0060 at any time and listen to the recorded instructions.

You will be advised to hang up and Dial 111 if it is an emergency and a PRIME response will be issued via St John to our Triage Doctor and local Ambulance Crew.

If you need to be seen urgently during opening hours– but are not in need of an ambulance- please present to the Medical Centre at GBCH for initial assessment by a triage nurse and then the triage GP rostered on that day.

after hours care


We have weekend urgent drop in clinics, no appointment required:

o   Saturdays 10.30 am - 1 pm

o   Sundays 10.30 am - 1 pm

o   Cost $66.50 for registered adult patients, less for children and 65+. For children under thirteen, after hours care is free.

Other times at weekends and at overnight from 6 pm to 8.30 am there is no GP at Golden Bay Community Health and the nurses are busy with residents and hospital patients. If you arrive unannounced you may have to wait a considerable time, and may end up paying for care that you could have received free over the phone. 

So after hours nights and weekends call 525 0060 and the phone is answered by a very experienced nurse who advises on the kind of care you` need: i.e. self care, GP advice, GP review at the next clinic, urgent GP call-out, or ambulance. 

o   If you need GP care, the phone nurse will contact the GP for you and put the call through. 

o   If you need to be seen, the GP will either arrange for a GBCH nurse to see you ($40), or the GP will be called out to GBCH and come in and see you at GBCH (There is a call out fee for adults of $100 and $50 for 13-17 year olds).

o   Home visits take longer, are more difficult because there is less equipment and medicines in GP cars than at GBCH, and cost more ($150), so they are not usually the best option.

o   Please remember that GPs are on call for 24 hours at a stretch, sometimes longer and usually have to work the next day.

If it is an emergency (collapse, chest pain, heavy blood loss, etc. ring 111. If the St John volunteers need assistance a GP will also attend.

If you are admitted to the hospital wing of the Golden Bay Community Health, after the initial GP assessment, your care is totally funded by the government.