Janet Zrinyi, Kerri McConachie & Prue Carter - Lead Maternity Care Midwives

Kerri, Janet & Prue

Kerri, Janet & Prue

Kia ora and congratulations on your pregnancy. We are three experienced midwives providing maternity care for Golden Bay women and their families as a team. We offer care for women birthing at home and the Golden Bay Maternity Unit.

Midwives are experts in normal birth and pregnancy.  We provide regular routine appointments to screen for any issues that may arise and discuss any concerns you may have.  Should you require additional input into your care we would discuss this with you and refer you to the appropriate practitioner for review.  This includes your GP, or the obstetric doctors at Nelson Hospital (pregnancy and childbirth specialists), to ensure optimum outcomes for you and your baby.  

The Team Approach Benefits

  • As we all take care of you in partnership, you get the best of all our combined knowledge and skills

  • You will get to know all of us through your antenatal appointments and two of us will be with you during your birth (in Golden Bay)

  • We are well rested and enthusiastic about your care as we cover each other to allow regular time off

  • We are employed and well supported by the Nelson Bays Community Health Service – no one is turned away

  • We are all interested in keeping up to date and support evidence based midwifery practice, due to our employed status and rostered time off we are able to attend regular education days

Your Care

As Lead Maternity Carers we offer care from early pregnancy through-out the antenatal period, during the birth and until four to six weeks past your baby’s birthday. As midwifery partners we aim to share our skills and strengths to provide you with an inclusive care package. Ideally we meet within the first ten weeks of pregnancy for a booking visit. We can then explain your options and plan for any scans or screening tests. After that we usually meet:

  • Every four weeks until 28 weeks

  • Fortnightly  until 36 weeks

  • Weekly  until birth

  • After the birth: 3 – 4 home visits in the first week then usually once a week until 4-6 weeks, or as required


More About Us

Our midwifery philosophy is simple: Mother and baby first. We may have our own practice ideals and goals but first we must listen to you, observe and assess. Only then can we respond appropriately, using skills gained through training and experience.


  • Twelve years as a registered midwife in a variety of settings from remote rural to tertiary complex care

  • Bachelor of Midwifery and a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Care (Midwifery). I also have a degree in Human Nutrition and wide work and life experience.

  • Midwifery Practicum in Complex Care – experience at Wellington Hospital’s Materno- Fetal Medicine and Women’s Health Assessment units.

  • Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity Panel-expert review committee member

  • Health Quality & Safety Commission – recent appointment as one of three South Island midwifery representatives


  • Fifteen years’ experience as a midwife. Six years as a rural LMC

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Midwifery)

  • Hospital midwifery experience, both in a large hospital, and in a rural midwifery-led unit.

  • Lots of experience with breastfeeding support.

  • Attended as second at births in primary unit so up-to-date and comprehensive emergency experience.

  • Provision of midwifery support to the Obstetrician who visited our rural unit to run weekly obstetric clinics.

  • Registered Comprehensive Nurse (Not currently registered in this capacity).


  • Nine years experience as a midwife.  2 years in a tertiary hospital and 7 years as a community midwife in Wellington Central

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Midwifery)

  • Lots of experience with breastfeeding and labour support


  • Welcome to Wendy Hardwick who has joined our team as a casual midwife to assist in covering us during holidays or sickness, she has

  • Worked and lived in the Takaka community for many years

  • Midwife and Nursing experience of over 35 years

  • Worked with Nelson Marlborough Health Board, overseas in Australia, and the UK

  • Facilitator of Antenatal and Parenting Education


Our 0800 number (0800 82 52 69) allows you to call for free, we are able to discuss your symptoms and make a management plan with you when you call.  You will automatically be connected to the correct midwife to assist you with your urgent query.

If the matter is non urgent like organising a repeat script or appointment time and you choose to text, the midwife who receives the text will pass it onto the correct person looking after that side of the practice that day.

We are always on call for urgent care during your pregnancy and postnatal period. A daytime text is fine for non-urgent contact. If it’s urgent please phone