GBCH Public Health Service

 Our Public Health nurse, Tracey Walls, works in the community to promote health.  Public health nursing is a free service, it is about educating and promoting health and well-being across the community and working to prevent diseases amongst the public.  Our Public health nurse works with health strategies to help our community move toward best health practices and outcomes.

Public health nurses undertake a variety of roles including:

  • Providing health education and assessment in schools

  • Providing advice on child related issues

  • Running immunisation programs in schools

  • Organising and running public health campaigns to help prevent disease

  • Visiting people in their homes to provide health assessments

  • Referring clients to other health professionals

  • Providing follow-up care for people with notifiable diseases such as tuberculosis and meningitis – and work to help stop the spread of such diseases

Tracey Walls

Tracey Walls

You can contact Tracey on (03) 525 0102 or 027 451 3698